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Respiratory biofeedback to improve breathing and respiration, and to improve performance at all levels.

Respiras™ addresses habitual patterns of breathing, a behavior that can deregulate the body chemistry and cause symptoms and deficits in the body.

Five main components necessary for performance:

Roberto de Guevara, MSc.
Founder of Respiras™
  • Energy
  • Relaxation
  • Sleep
  • Concentration
  • Memory

The Objective

  • To stay intact under stress.
  • To improve function and enhance quality of life.

Our Mission

To empower the person with skills that can be sustained for self-management, and self-regulation under various conditions.

Our Vision

To promote wellness in a manner that is relevant and meaningful to each individual.

Why Consider Respiras™?

With strong science-based research, the Respiras™ method provides innovation that is on the cutting edge of respiratory training and education.

Prestigious physicians and other top health care professionals have joined the Respiras™ vision. See our Advisory Board members from the medical, science, and behavioral health communities.

Learning self-sustainable skills that can be owned and be taken anywhere and used at anytime to accomplish goals more easily is the main benefit of the Respiras™ method.

Meet Roberto

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“Respiras is a modality I highly recommend for people suffering from stress, anxiety, fear, and attention deficit issues. Roberto is an excellent practitioner and I refer my patients to him with full confidence.”

Vanessa P. Graf, PsyD, LMFT, PC
Colorado Springs, CO

It took time for me to learn to breathe correctly, but Roberto stuck with me and I persisted. That was the beginning of a journey to heal myself rather than take medications. That journey has included acupuncture, Qigong, and learning to further regulate my breathing. I am off of many of the medications that I took when I first met Roberto. Thank you Roberto...keep helping people like me.”

Janice North, BS MS
International Training Partners
Tulsa OK

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