your health affects your career

Your business or your career depends on your ability to stay focused and perform at your best level. Success in the work place requires enthusiasm, motivation, focus, and confidence. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a healthy sense of self-efficacy and to maintain health.

Respiras can help you to:
• handle stress effectively
• thrive under pressure
• increase your creative and planning ability
• maintain consistent energy levels - even after work hours
• unwind at the end of the day to wake up refreshed

Breathing is a behavior subject to perception, emotions and memories. Breathing patterns can change with any given context and this in turn can cause a disruption in the blood chemistry, thus mediating symptoms and deficits that range widely from anxiety to poor focus ability.  We enter a new era where self-regulation is possible with the use of state of the art technology to monitor breathing habits and enhance cognitive, emotional and physical capacity. Respiras can give you a physiological tool to enhance resiliency and sustain the demands of business operations or high stress work environments.

How important is it for you to enjoy what you do in your business or career? If you experience anxiety, fatigue, inability to focus, and irritability, you cannot be an effective leader or optimal performer.  Your business or career is more likely to suffer.  So choose success, and invest in your business by investing in yourself.