Breathing affects your life...

It is a scientific fact that breathing can affect health and performance. Extensive medical literature supports that unstable breathing causes different signs and symptoms that mimic diseases and illnesses.

1 minute of hyperventilation = 40% oxygen reduction in the brain


what can i do about it?

Respiras uses capnography to allow you to see your real-time breathwave patterns. With the aid of capnography and a Respiras trainer, you can optimize your breathing.

deregulated breathing (left) vs. regulated breathing (right)

Want to know more about the science behind breathing and its effects on physiology? You can find published journal articles, studies, and more details at Breathing for Life's Resource Library.


i don't hyperventilate or gasp...

Hyperventilation with gasping or wheezing is just one severe form of poor breathing. Many of our clients have poor breathing habits that have gone undetected for years, with long term consequences to health and performance.


Breathing Assessment

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