Frequently asked questions

What is the goal of the training?

The goal of the training is to achieve “self-regulation” through optimal breathing whether relaxed, stressed, active or passive. This is achieved by normalizing carbon dioxide levels in the blood using state of the art technology.

What is the importance of carbon dioxide regulation?
Carbon dioxide is the prime regulator of pH (acid-base balance), electrolytes, oxygenation and blood supply in the body.

Is this training for relaxation?
Relaxation is a collateral benefit of this program. It is our premise that relaxation techniques cannot be maintained at all times in real life scenarios. Relaxation and meditation techniques are helpful but they are not always functional. We teach people to fine tune their body chemistry from the inside-out to turn negative stress into positive dynamic energy and be at their best no matter what.

What do I get out of my investment?
You learn a physiological tool that will enable you to be more effective, efficient and focused in any relevant area of your life. You gain the knowledge and the skills to regulate your body chemistry to work in your favor so you can enhance your gifts and talents.   Our clients learn to intimately regulate their carbon dioxide levels to within normal limits without the training instrument.

What is respiratory fitness?
It is about breathing efficiency to optimize oxygen delivery to the body (especially the brain and heart), maintain proper electrolyte function (like magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium), proper pH balance in the blood (acid-base n=7.4)  and blood circulation.  Respiratory fitness addresses physiology and biochemistry for the body to function better.

What is considered bad breathing?
Bad breathing is overbreathing which results in carbon dioxide deficiency. The person is most likely venting off the CO2 in excess. This mediates many changes to the blood chemistry causing changes and alterations in mood, physical stamina, focus and memory.

How does remote training work?
Client receives the instrument by mail. Client downloads the software in the computer. Communication is done via Skype for audio and remote access computer service that is encrypted for security purposes.  The trainer has a limited view of the client computer monitor for the one hour session.

Is the training safe?
Yes. We educate and train on proper breathing.  If you experience chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue and disorientation, you should first consult with your doctor to rule out any major medical problem.

Can I do single sessions?
This training is about undoing patterns of behavior, which takes time. It is said that it takes three weeks to undo a habit. Our objective is to provide a well-woven program that is proven to yield successful outcomes.

Can this training improve my academic performance?
Lack of oxygen, decreased blood supply and less glucose in the brain will affect academic performance no matter how smart a student is. By improving your breathing and normalizing carbon dioxide levels you can improve your focus, enhance memory, and maintain a state of relaxation with increased energy. We have helped many people with ADD and ADHD, test anxiety and fatigue.

How is this training different from Yoga?
Yoga breathing is more about mechanics of the diaphragm and breathing rate. To do performance breathing training it is necessary to monitor blood gases of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide level of 40 mmHg (end tidal) = blood pH of 7.4. Deep breathing techniques can cause the person to enter into deregulated breathing quickly. We respect yoga breathing, but it is our premise that it is not functional to breathe at four breaths per minute when stressed.

Can I do this training if I have a busy schedule?
Yes. It is the minimum requirement to train for 20 minutes a day.

Do I need to check with my doctor?
We always recommend that you visit your doctor if you have any concerns.
We estimate the typical client has had blood tests, scans and other diagnostics results.