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Respiras breathing learning packages are designed to undo faulty breathing habits and reinstate new optimal breathing to be natural and effortless.

Training occurs in client's home and uses a small capnograph device that connects to any computer or laptop via USB port. Included software allows the user to see breathwave patterns and end tidal CO2. Our certified breathing trainers walk the client through breathing exercises to optimize body chemistry. This can be performed remotely, so the client can practice at home. Provided software allows the trainer to see the client's screen and breathing performance in real time, so the trainer can provide useful feedback.

The objective is to learn an effective tool for self regulation to achieve balance and focus. The client acquires the knowledge and the skills to turn negative stress into positive dynamic energy.Our science-based approach provides our clients objective measures to track progress and outcomes. Our services are individualized to our clients’ needs with focus on solution strategies.

how it works


Contact us to schedule a breathing assessment and training session. Once you've completed your assessment, reserve a capnometer for home-use rental.



An email will be sent to you the following business day containing a form and agreement to return the capnography equipment when training is complete. Complete form, sign agreement, and fax or email to the provided fax number or email address.


The capnography equipment is shipped to your door. The device (size: 5” X 3.75” X 1.5” weight: 7 oz.) connects to your computer or laptop USB port. Instructions, software, cannula, and tutorial disc are provided.



Install the provided software and watch the tutorial. Questions can be directed to our call center where a representative will be happy to help you.



You are ready to begin training. A certified breathing practitioner will guide you through your training sessions through voice and can even see your screen. Independent practice sessions are encouraged to achieve optimal results.



After you have completed your month long training program, return the equipment to the address provided according to included instructions. Need more sessions? No problem. Contact us for more one-on-one sessions or to extend your rental.