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Being pain free without drugs gives me an overwhelming liberating feeling of joy.

I am so thankful for Dr. Corr’s willingness to think outside the box and to Respiras for giving me hope and more importantly RESULTS! Respiras is like no other program in the world. I highly recommend it.

Retired Colonel, USAF
Colorado Springs

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Now over a year later, I can say that I rarely experience anxiety that I cannot overcome and more importantly I have the tools to nurture peace in my life day in and day out. The tools take time to develop and learn but they are not mystical and magical but simply correct a faulty physiology that creates uninvited and unfounded anxiety.

I would highly recommend Respiras to anyone who wishes to have the tools to thrive under any circumstance.

Colorado Springs

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Sports Performance

After the St. George Marathon I had a huge smile. This was the most pleasing race I’d ever had. I was calm, relaxed, and had a smile most of the race and especially at the end. It was a beautiful experience and gave me confidence for whatever I pursue. I’m a happier, calmer mom and homeschool teacher. Respiras gave me tools to be calm and confident in any situation. I’ll always be grateful.

Colorado Springs

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Pain, Tension

I have zero pain and muscle tension in my head, neck, and shoulders. I am more upbeat, and naturally calm.

I don’t get frazzled as easily. Thanks to Respiras and my personal dedication to it, I feel empowered, excited, and ready to take on new challenges today and every day. I’m so thankful.

Colorado Springs

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Oxygen, Stress, Pain, Grief

‟My pain is now so minor that I don't need narcotics to control my fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

I no longer need oxygen, and my concentration, memory and energy levels have continued to improve. I feel more alert, and I can handle stress more effectively... There is nothing more precious than regaining health! I highly recommend Respiras to everyone who is looking to reach wellness goals and improve quality of life.

Janice N., B.S. M.S.
Leadership Development
International Training Partners
Tulsa, OK

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stamina, focus

The program offers people an almost unlimited supply of new hope and ideas for the future. As you are trained to interconnect, your whole self literally marries your life force of breath— & life becomes more fluid, efficient -- and easy!

Before I went to Roberto to learn about Respiras, I was struggling to maintain motivation and to generate enough energy to get through the day. Now, I have the memory of Respiras trained into my psyche; so that when under stress, my body automatically knows what to do to relax & revitalize!

I really appreciate what Respiras has done for me!

Linda M.

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endurance, sleep

I am no longer on oxygen at night-time. And I recently cross-country skied for the first time in 10 years. I haven’t had a leg cramp since my first couple of sessions.
The Respiras program has certainly helped me change my life.

Jane G.
Colorado Springs

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‟I haven’t had any migraines, zero jaw pain and clenching since the Respiras training. Relaxing is easier, I sleep better and I have more energy throughout the day. Also, I can handle difficult business related events such as business presentations with better focus.

It's truly amazing how many aspects of your life can change for the better by simply changing your breathing habits. I highly recommend this program.”

Alex K.
Business Owner
Boulder, CO

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energy, relaxation

‟The generalized feeling of anxiety is gone and I no longer have “skipped” heartbeats. I feel calmer, healthier, younger, and more energetic. I am grateful for the improvements in my life on a daily basis. It was well worth my investment both in time and money. I highly recommend this approach to improving one’s health in many ways!”

Jean P.
Colorado Springs, CO

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‟I found that I had more energy, focus, and resilience when I implemented the breathing techniques. Not only that, but I began to notice that the usual tension in my chest, shoulders and neck disappeared and I stopped grinding my teeth.

It is amazing to see that a change in breathing caused a drastic change in my outlook and composure."

Elizabeth A. 19
Colorado Springs, CO

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Migraines, Fatigue, IBS

After training with Respiras, I am now able to face difficult situations without sedating myself with antidepressants/anti anxiety medications. Recently, I was able to go on a helicopter ride with my husband- something I would not have been able to enjoy prior to my training. I am now in charge of my health and I have the stamina to enjoy my family and my work. I even have enough energy at the end of the day to go to the gym. Thank you so much Roberto for giving me the ability to finally live my life!

Jennifer A., 28 years old
Physical Therapist
North Carolina

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Breathing, Asthma, TMD

‟It has been over a year and I have ZERO asthma symptoms! I go on hikes, I can work out, and I have no fear of going out with friends.

My jaw pain is gone. I would never imagine that improper breathing could cause jaw pain and tooth aches. It has been almost a year since the last time my jaw locked up.

Through my training with Respiras, I have felt a peaceful radiating energy from within, and can calm myself down in a matter of seconds through controlling my CO2 levels. This is a magnificent feeling that I never thought I would be able to achieve without taking a full dose of medications. I am drug free, and feel free.

I learned skills that help me with stress and life in general!”

Jess MC
Colorado Springs, CO

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Sports Performance

‟Respiras holds the leading edge in stress management for real moment to moment situations, bringing hard core science and a new way of maximizing performance by addressing carbon dioxide regulation, heart rate variability and sleep education for restorative sleep, which is a strong component of every athlete's success.

Respiras is doing amazing things !!! Roberto is like the modern day Nikola Tesla in the sense of just being way ahead of his time with his knowledge. ”

Gregg Roby
USA NPC National Level Bodybuilder
Colorado Springs, CO

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Focused, relentless

‟Not only have my muscle spasms significantly decreased and my physical tolerance for exercise increased, but my health has improved in many other ways as well. My chronic anxiety is virtually non-existent, the unexplained panic attacks are gone, I have more energy than I’ve had in years, my digestive system has improved greatly, my stress levels have diminished, and my skin has never been more radiant. I feel a lot more confident about my health.

I am now able to dance without discomfort for longer periods of time, and my general sense of well-being, both mentally and physically, has reached new heights. I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is committed to improving their performance in physical fitness as well as the overall health of their mind and body. ”

Investigator, Author, Dance Artist
Colorado Springs, CO

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Work Performance

‟The training was extremely supportive, motivational and educational.

I recommend this program for anyone who is interested in performing their best in all areas of life. It has given me new freedom to pursue my biggest and most important goals in life. This has been a fantastic experience! ”

Project Manager
Colorado Springs, CO

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O2/CO2 Balance, Fatigue

"Training with Roberto has been as much un-learning poor breathing habits as it has been learning new and correct respiratory techniques. I have noticed improvements in my health related to less fatigue and more energy, reduction in joint and connective tissue pain, improved mental focus and memory and better quality of sleep.

I look forward with great anticipation to more improvements in my health and performance as times goes by. "

Mary L. K, R.N., M.S.N.
Colorado Springs

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Energy, Focus, TMJ, Mindset

‟...If I want more energy, to feel more alert, or slow down in order to concentrate, I am now able to do any of these actions in a heartbeat. I can create bubbly energy whenever I want to!

Roberto has helped me not only improve my health, but also a better way to direct my energy. Most importantly, I have a better mind-set as I study to be a psychologist. I am ready to take on anything! I highly recommend Respiras!"

Megan W. 22
Psychology and Studio Arts
Salt Lake City, UT

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‟…I can almost always bring my pain to a 1 or 0. I cannot tell you how joyous I am that I feel better. My eyes are again filled with joy and excitement, my passions for life have returned and I am so very thankful for Roberto and Dr. Corr. I highly recommend Respiras. It has been a Godsend to me. Incredibly grateful,”

Renne L.
Colorado Springs, CO

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Stress Reduction

‟... Respiras has helped me on my healing path, in a most fine-tuned way of seeing life as a whole and beautiful process. I would highly recommend Respiras performance breathing.


Kris R., PT
USA Gymnastics Consultant
Gymnastics Choreographer
Balance Beam & Floor Exercise

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heart palpitations

‟Working with Respiras has been an incredible journey. I feel more hopeful and energetic. My heart has smoothed out and I am sleeping better. I have better circulation in my feet, and my blood pressure and heart rate are down. I am excited to also notice that that feeling of anxiety that hovered in the background for years is gone. Respiras has truly changed my life in many ways. I highly recommend it!

Kate R.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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‟Since working with Roberto at Respiras I have noticed many health benefits. I have seen improvements with my sleep and digestion, and I've also experienced a reduction in tightness and pain throughout my body.

I would recommend Roberto and Respiras to anyone who is looking to improve their quality of life.

Nolan M.
Pro Golfer
Houston, TX

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‟In my own case, it has improved my concentration and energy levels. I also have gained an awareness of disturbed breathing patterns which I am able now to resolve on my own. It is like re-calibrating my own system. Most importantly, breathing empowers the individual with practical tools to effectively manage the various complexities of life.

John M. Wyatt, MD
Colorado Springs, CO

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Asthma in sports

Doing the performance breathing has allowed me to get rid of my asthma. I am able to stay relaxed at game points and have increased focus under high pressure situations during my game. I can play tennis without wheezing. My concentration and memory have significantly improved and my endurance when dealing with my heavy business schedule has been sustainable...

George Graf, MTOM L.Ac
Owner, Academy Acupuncture
Colorado Springs, CO

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Vitality, Sleep, Relaxation

‟Respiras has given me tools to improve my performance. I feel stronger and have more energy. My blood pressure is lower, and so is my heart rate. I have noticed a dramatic difference in the way I feel and I definitely recommend Respiras-performance breathing.”


Zoltan B.
Colorado Springs, CO

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Energy and Endurance

‟...My endurance has increased when running long distances, with a quicker recovery. I am more relaxed and focused during the day, and I can get a better night’s sleep. The depression is gone and I feel as if that burdensome cloud has been completely lifted. I am grateful for knowing Roberto and Respiras™ and the help he has provided that has made a profound difference in my life.”

James L., J.D
Ft. Leavenworth, KS

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‟Since the training, I have lost 8 lbs. I am now able to get a better sleep during the night. My energy level stays higher throughout the day. I am feeling more relaxed and have a more optimistic view of life. My overall sense of wellbeing is greatly improved. I am so grateful for this opportunity to improve my health.”

Marilyn F.
Parks, Nebraska

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Emotional Regulation

The Respiras program has done so much more for me than just improve my sleep. My depression and mood swings have completely vanished, my fatigue and exhaustion have turned to energy and endurance, and an overwhelmingly positive experience of life has been restored.

I feel like I can accomplish anything. Instead of meeting each day with fear, I can tackle life easily without worrying that I will run out of energy. Respiras has immeasurably improved my physical and emotional health and has been a vital tool to help me gain control over my life once more. …Roberto’s guidance has completely changed my life.

Marika L., 21 years old
Colorado Springs, CO

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My chiropractor, Dr. Gail Warner, recommended Respiras to me because my diaphragm was having spasms. Through the program, I have received so much more than a relaxed diaphragm. I am now able to breathe with my mouth closed, I can remain calm and at peace in tense situations without feeling physically disturbed by them, and I have more energy, taking fewer naps than before.

I am grateful to Roberto for training me and leading me towards a better way of life. I had no idea how much of an impact my breathing had on my daily life and even my perceptions of life. It was so worth it!

Sherri A.
Colorado Springs

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Sleep, energy, reduced pain

‟My sleep has improved 100%.  My energy is up about 80%, which is amazing. I am definitely more active now.  I can walk longer without my hips hurting. I am amazed at all the improvements I have seen in my health and I really appreciate all the tools I have learned that will last me the rest of my life.”


Cynthia G.
Colorado Springs, CO

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‟Since I went through the Respiras program, my sleep has noticeably improved, my concentration is even better than before, and I’m much calmer and more productive throughout the day. I haven't experienced heart palpitations and rapid heart rate since the respiratory training. I have been symptom free.

Susan L.
Colorado Springs, CO

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It has truly been amazing to see him come home with better grades and reports of better behavior. He appears calmer, and he now has better control of his actions.

We feel confident that our son Raef has learned a practical tool that he will use throughout his school years and into young adulthood. We highly recommend this training because it works.

The B. Family
For Raef, 9
Colorado Springs, CO

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Chronic Cough of Unknown Origin

‟I have noticed a considerable reduction in my coughing which as a result helps me sleep much better. I am excited to be able to manage stress better as an additional result of my breath management.

Carmen F. MS MBA
Instructor, UCCS Colorado
Colorado Springs, CO

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Better coping strategies

‟For a few years I have had some anxiety over confrontations at work and even while driving. Now with the training of Respiras I find it easier to control my emotions and to calm down much quicker and with less anxiety.

The Respiras program is something that has empowered me to endure life’s challenges and to create better health for myself.

Randy N.
Auto & Motorcycle Racing
Colorado Springs, CO



‟The most amazing thing for me is that I no longer take anti-anxiety medication which I had been on for the previous twenty years. My energy level has significantly increased as well as my ability to maintain focus. I have an inner peace that has never been present before in my life. ”

Ainley D.
Business Owner

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Jaw Pain, Gum Issues
‟... I have learned how to stay focused and calm in stressful situations. I have gained emotional stability and increased energy. Before going to Respiras I had running thoughts and struggled greatly to relax. Now I have learned to manage my CO2 and heart rate variability to allow me to get to a completely relaxed state. I can also fall asleep easily and sleep throughout the night. I would highly recommend the Respiras program."

Colorado Springs

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‟…Today, I am anxiety free and I no longer suffer from panic attacks. I am able to effectively manage stressful events, and my heart has been stable and free of any palpitations. This is a much better option than taking prescription medications. I feel that I have more control of my healthcare. I recommend this training to anyone who is frustrated with traditional therapies, and to those who want to take better control of their health…

Deborah M.
Registered Nurse
Colorado Springs, CO

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‟My athletic performance as a runner has taken off, and my ability to control my temper and mood in unpleasant, yet unavoidable situations has considerably improved the quality of both my personal and professional relationships. I am thankful I found this training program. I highly recommend it!.”

Laura F.
Speech-Language Pathologist
Denver, CO

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‟…I have tools I can use to calm myself…And the unexpected big plus is that it works in every anxiety provoking situation I have encountered outside of driving too…

Ken L.
Colorado Springs, CO

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Sleep Apnea

‟Three weeks after starting the program, I successfully passed my second sleep study test. The key was to correct the way I was breathing during the day and find practical strategies to breathe correctly when asleep. I am now able to sleep better and have more energy. I have more stamina and the motivation to engage in more activities throughout the day. I also have lost weight and I am keeping my weight down. The best part is that I did not have to be sentenced to a CPAP machine.

M. Brown, 63
Colorado Springs, CO

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Teeth Clenching, Headaches

‟I was recommended to Roberto due to teeth clenching and pain in my jaw, fatigue, and headaches.

Roberto is a great motivator and is always genuinely interested in my day-to-day well-being. I was surprised to learn that I was breathing incorrectly and this was the cause of many of my health problems. As a result of my work with Roberto I have more energy, notice very little jaw pain, have decreased frequency of headaches, and experience decreased anxiety. I would recommend Roberto and Respiras to anyone who wishes to achieve optimal breathing. ”

Sara W.
Colorado Springs, CO


‟I had the fortunate opportunity to do the Respiras Performance Breathing Program with Roberto de Guevara. I became more aware of my breathing patterns and how to correct them in stressful situations. I am more relaxed at work and able to release my stress. I also noticed a slight drop in my blood pressure readings. My energy level and standing endurance have increased throughout the day and I now have decreased pain in the extremities. I would recommend this training for anyone to aid their breathing patterns.

Ed V.
CO State Patrol
Limon, CO


Anxiety of Crowds

“I have suffered from anxiety to crowds for approximately 10 years. I was admitted to the emergency room several times thinking I was having a heart attack. I had to go through all kinds of tests, and my cardiologist indicated there was nothing wrong with my heart. I consulted with many specialists including pulmonologists, cardiologists, and neurologists. I was told that there was nothing wrong with me, and that it was all stress related.

Respiras has taught me to regulate my breathing no matter where I am or what I do. I learned to overcome my anxiety problems by learning to breathe correctly. How amazing and practical this really is! I strongly recommend this training program!”

Corporate Attorney
Denver, CO


Work Productivity

“Respiras is about high performance, starting with the breath. After five sessions and five weeks of training, I was able to overcome five decades of improper breathing. As a result, I am better able to manage the stress of never-ending deadlines and demands in my accounting career.

Respiras training has given me a tool, and inspired me, to improve my performance in both my work and personal life. My only regret is that I didn’t receive this training decades ago.”

Tom T., CPA
Corporate Controller
Colorado Springs, CO